John Obringer, Colorado Landlord, Threatens To Raise Rent For Tenants Who Voted For Obama


They say you shouldn't mix business and politics, but one landlord is doing just that.

John Obringer, landlord of Casa Adobe Apartments in Colorado Spring, Colo., issued a letter to his tenants on Nov. 27 threatening to raise rents for tenants who voted for President Barack Obama, KRDO reports.

The letter blames the Obama administration for a “continued assault on small business" that is "resulting in increased taxes, regulations and mandates.” Consequently, Obringer claims he'll have to resort to layoffs, pay cuts and shorter business hours to survive.

"If you voted 'Democrat' on Nov. 6, please notify me ASAP so I can raise your rent first to help pay for what you asked for," he concludes the letter.

View the full letter below.

The extent to which Obringer was kidding is still up for debate. One tenant, who chose to remain anonymous, told KRDO that when she told Obringer that she voted for Obama, he threatened to evict her. Other tenants believe the threat was nothing more than a joke.

"It's just John. He's kind of a quirky landlord," one of Obringer’s residents told the news station.

The landlord refused an interview with KRDO.

Obringer is by no means the first businessperson to allow partisan leanings to affect business decisions. Arizona gun store owner Cope Reynolds published an advertisement in November declaring Obama voters “NOT WELCOME” in his store.

Denny’s franchise owner John Metz is so worried about how Obama’s Affordable Care Act will affect his business that he proposed charging customers a “5 percent Obamacare fee." Denny's chief executive later expressed "disappointment" in Metz, who subsequently said he regretted his statement.

Other restaurant owners have blamed Obama’s healthcare plan for their inability to hire. Zane Tankel, an Applebee's franchise owner, said the costs are so high that he refuses to hire any more people or build more restaurants.


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