John Oliver Calls Out Big Oil Trade Group For Plagiarism

"You took our s**t," Oliver said of American Petroleum Institute ad that aired during the Olympics.

The oil industry’s lobbying arm, already under fire for its role in a decades-long climate change cover-up, has now been accused of plagiarism.

John Oliver, host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” said on Sunday’s show that the Rio Olympics has been chock full of “starring performances,” none as bold as a TV advertisement aired by the American Petroleum Institute, or API. 

“You took our shit, API!” Oliver said of the trade group’s ad, which looks suspiciously similar to “Last Week Tonight’s” opening credits. “You took our shit. Everything, from the font to the design style.”

The copying is so spot on, Oliver said he was “honestly worried I was about to watch 29 minutes of a rat-faced Englishman telling me sad news facts.”

Left with “no choice” but to return API the favor, Oliver aired new mock opening credits for “Last Week Tonight,” featuring hoody wearing, Instagram-loving millennials. 

“Hey Rebecca, did you know the API spent decades and millions of dollars supporting deniers of man-made climate change?” a chipper actor named Andy asks in the fake introduction. 

“I did,” an actress named Rebecca responds. “Did you know they had research warning them about a link between fossil fuels and climate change as early as 1968? Maybe that’s why their logo looks like it’s being impaled by a polar bear’s dick.”

API did not respond to The Huffington Post’s requests for comment.

See Oliver’s full takedown of the American Petroleum Institute below.

WARNING: The segment contains strong language and sexual content.



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