John Oliver Hammers Anthony Weiner's 'Not Quitting' Ad: 'You Are NOT 9/11-ing Your D*ck Pics' (VIDEO)

John Oliver isn't backing down on insisting Anthony Weiner drop out of New York's mayoral race. Nevertheless, the disgraced politician, as Oliver explained, "continues to refuse to do anything resembling the right thing."

After his campaign released a video where Candidate Shutterbug explained he's not quitting because that's not how New Yorkers "roll," Oliver was apoplectic. "No, no, no, no, no... you are not doing this. You are not 9/11-ing your dick pics."

Oliver then went on to make a salient point in light of Weiner's communications director's "slutbag" tirade:

"What is Anthony Weiner going to do? Fire her for inappropriate behavior? He can't do that, and that is why he won't be able to run this city. He has no standing to punish anyone for anything anymore."

But it's not all bad news... at least San Diego's mayor seems even creepier. Watch the clip above and let us know if you think Weiner will ever do "the right thing."



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