John Oliver Blasts People For Omitting Famous Name From Asian American Poll

In a wide-ranging segment on Asian Americans, the "Last Week Tonight" host explained why the idea of a "model minority" is problematic.

John Oliver on Sunday fumed over a survey in which people were asked to name a well-known Asian American person ― and many simply could not. (Watch the video below.)

A whopping 42% said they didn’t know, 11% answered action movie star Jackie Chan, who is from Hong Kong, and 9% named Bruce Lee, who died nearly 50 years ago.

“Oh c’mon!” Oliver said on “Last Week Tonight.” “No disrespect to Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee there, but that is embarrassing ― even before you consider the poll was conducted while Kamala Harris, who’s Asian American, was vice president. How do you fuck up a question that easy?”

Harris, born to a mother from India and father from Jamaica, is the first Black and Asian U.S. vice president.

“It’s pretty clear many in this country don’t seem to know much about the histories or experiences of Asian Americans,” Oliver said.

The host segued into a wide-ranging segment that covered the history of Asian Americans and explored how the concept of a “model minority” is “problematic.”