‘The Planet’s On F**king Fire!’ Bill Nye, John Oliver Burn GOP On Climate Change

The "Last Week Tonight" host teams up with the Science Guy to deliver an urgent message about the planet.

John Oliver believes it’s long past time to have a conversation about how to stop climate change and save the planet.

“But unless you like bad-faith conversations about farting cows, that conversation has not gone well so far,” The HBO host said on Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight.”

Oliver noted that many on the right ― including President Donald Trump, Republican politicians and personalities at Fox News ― were “foaming at the mouth” over the issue, especially when it came to the Green New Deal, a plan backed by progressive Democrats.

So, Oliver busted open some myths about what is ― and what isn’t ― in the proposal. He even recruited Bill Nye, the Science Guy, to help deliver a stirring message about the urgency of the situation.

“The planet’s on fucking fire!” said Nye, who then offered up a pretty blunt demonstration.

Check it out below:

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