John Oliver Once Again Addresses Possibility Of Being Cast As The Next James Bond

"If you're looking for a Bond who's nervous around women, I've got ya here."

Daniel Craig doesn’t seem interested in playing James Bond ever again. But as “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert pointed out Tuesday night, no one (except some Sony executives in a shadowy cave deep beneath the Hollywood sign) knows who’ll be the next actor chosen to take on the role. 

Enter John Oliver, the ostensible English stereotype who showed up as a guest on Colbert’s show ahead of the premiere of his hit HBO series, “Last Week Tonight.”

“Has your name ever ...” Colbert suggested, prompting supportive cheers from the audience. “It would be a bold choice! No one would see that coming.”

“Fair point, fair point,” Oliver admitted. He’d make a good pick, he said, “if they really want to throw a curveball, if they really want to say to the world, ‘Listen, if we’re doing everything different, here’s your f**king Bond right here.’”

As Colbert pointed out, Oliver as Bond would be more fitting than he may initially seem. Ian Fleming, creator of the iconic character, once said he chose the name “Bond” exactly because it was so boring

“If you’re looking for the most boring Bond you can think of, ba-ba-boom,” Oliver said, gesturing to his face. “If you’re looking for a Bond who’s nervous around women, I’ve got ya here.”

Notably, it’s not the first time Oliver has broached the subject of playing James Bond. He first did so in a 2015 segment on “Last Week Tonight” about fantasy sports, saying, “Sure, it’s a mathematical possibility, but it’s a long shot.”

The world is a crazy place, John Oliver. Maybe it’s not such a long shot at all.



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