John Oliver Exposes The Utter Hypocrisy Of Pro-Lifers On Brett Kavanaugh

The "Last Week Tonight" host also singled out one "horrifying" moment from Kavanaugh's testimony.

John Oliver broke the “Last Week Tonight” format and turned the entire show into “one long recap of one very long week.”

The main topic was the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination and the sexual assault allegations against him. But what really stunned Oliver was the fact that so many on the right were willing to support Kavanaugh even if he was guilty because they believed he will help overturn Roe vs Wade and restrict abortion rights.

Oliver summed it up:

“It’s fine to appoint someone who has committed sexual assault to the Supreme Court as long as they will curtail abortion rights. It’s a stance that prioritizes human lives, as long as you think life starts at conception, stops right before a sexual assault and then starts right back up again right after that assault is over.”

Oliver played a clip of Kavanaugh getting teary-eyed while testifying about exercising with his high school friends.

“Yeah. He’s crying at the memory of lifting weights at his friend Tobin’s house,” Oliver pointed out. “I hate to say it, but I’m starting to think that men might be too emotional for the Supreme Court.”

Oliver also described Kavanaugh as “Trumpian” for citing conspiracy theories that blamed “left-wing opposition groups” and “the Clintons” for the accusations against him.

“That is absolutely horrifying,” Oliver said, adding:

“It is worth taking a moment now to note the norm that has just been shattered, because I know that we’re all basically callous to people talking that way now, but we are supposed to have at least nine people left in America who do not talk that way, and yet Kavanaugh just all but came out and said that he’s going to approach his entire tenure as one giant case of ’me vs. the fucking libtard cucks.”

See his full show below:

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