John Oliver Brilliantly Escalates His Trolling Of Cheerios

The "Last Week Tonight" host took his hilarious attack to Twitter after skewering the cereal brand in a segment.

John Oliver has opened a box of whoop-ass on Cheerios.

On Sunday, the host slammed the cereal’s “toothless” Twitter account in a “Last Week Tonight” web segment, daring the breakfast brand to use the F-word in exchange for a charitable donation from Oliver and Co.

But thankfully, the challenge didn’t end there.

Cheerios responded that it couldn’t drop the F-bomb because it’s a family brand, but offered a donation of its own if Oliver would tweet the Cheerios bumper-sticker treacle that he mocked on his show: “Families make good go round.”

Oliver obliged ― and then some on Wednesday. He tweeted the sweet words along with photos of the Manson family, the parent-killing Menendez brothers and an institutional wing named after the Sackler family of Oxycontin titans who helped foment the opioid crisis. 

“Last Week Tonight” continued to hand Cheerios its lunch and picked its own random user on which to bestow a “fuck you.”

The charity wasn’t lost in the comedy, however. “Last Week Tonight” followed through on its donation to No Kid Hungry.