John Oliver Rips Chris Matthews For Absurd 2016 Presidential Election Speculation (VIDEO)

WATCH: John Oliver Rips Chris Matthews

John Oliver tore into Chris Matthews on Thursday's "The Daily Show" for participating in the what he called the media's ridiculous speculation over the 2016 presidential election.

Oliver begged the media to hold its premature 2016 speculation till Jon Stewart returned to the show in September. He also ran a clip of Matthews observing the new hairstyle and dark suit Hillary Clinton wore when she lunched with President Obama earlier this week. Matthews said that he knew "he shouldn't talk about her looks," but that the former secretary of state looked "ready for primetime" and "presidential as hell."

"How have you made the word 'presidential' sound pervy?" Oliver asked. "Just a little tip to Chris Matthews: when you say you shouldn't talk about something, why not not actually talk about it? That way, everyone wins!"

Watch Oliver in the clip above, and Matthews' Clinton speculation in the video below:

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