John Oliver Destroys Anthony Weiner: Withering 'Daily Show' Takedown Explains Why Weinergate 2.0 Matters (VIDEO)

While the insatiable coverage of Weinergate Part 2 has been pretty damning for the NYC mayoral hopeful, comedian John Oliver may have delivered the most withering commentary on Anthony Weiner's compulsive sexting during last night's "Daily Show."

Equal parts juvenile glee and razor-sharp criticism, Oliver spent most of his first segment (above) focused on the epic ridiculousness of this "deja ewwww" scenario. "Anthony Weiner's alter ego is a Bolivian action hero slash porn star," he explained.

But in part two (below) he lays out the timeline of events – with the aid of dildos, naturally – in a way that's so damning, we half expect to see Weiner exit politics for good later today.

And if that weren't enough, in an internet-only exclusive that was originally cut from the show due to time, "The Daily Show" gave us the trailer for "Hard Problem 2: The Rise Of Carlos Danger."

Ouch. It's been nice knowing you, Mr. Danger.

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