John Oliver Unveils The 20-Foot Penis He's Been Hiding For Years

The "Last Week Tonight" host's revelation was inspired by a children's show called “John Dillermand," about a man with... well...

John Oliver took a break from his show’s hiatus to share an online segment about his latest obsession: “John Dillermand.”

It’s a Danish kids’ show about a man with a massive, prehensile penis that does tricks and helps people.


“The ‘Diller’ in ‘Dillermand’ is Danish slang for ‘penis,’ meaning that his name in English is basically ‘John Penisman,’ which is a perfect name for a man with a magical dong,” the “Last Week Tonight” host said. “It would actually be a great nickname for my own penis if I hadn’t already nicknamed it ‘Hugh Grant’ because it’s British, aging and I’ve been told it can be unpleasant to work with.”

The kiddie program made its debut on Danish television earlier this year. And in the segment posted online on Sunday, Oliver explained why he can relate to “John Dillermand” personally, complete with an animated visual aid of his own:

“Last Week Tonight” returns on July 25.

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