John Oliver Nails The Most Terrifying Part Of Donald Trump's Legacy

The "Last Week Tonight" host slammed what the former president has wrought.

Contrary to the song, all the world doesn’t love a clown. Especially a Republican clown running for office, John Oliver said Sunday on “Last Week Tonight.”

The host slammed the rising breed of GOP political hopefuls who “speak to the post-Trump trend where extreme cartoonishness isn’t a deal-breaker for candidates ― it’s a selling point.” (Watch the video below.)

Oliver introduced Senate candidate Mark McCloskey, the St. Louis attorney who pointed his gun at BLM protesters; Philadelphia D.A.-seeking Charles Peruto Jr., a white lawyer who said “I understand Black people just about as well as a Black person”; and New York governor aspirant Andrew Giuliani, a special assistant to former President Donald Trump and son of Rudy Giuliani (enough said).

“Andrew Giuliani is ridiculous. All these candidates are ridiculous,” Oliver said. “But if the last few years has taught us anything, it’s that ridiculous people can end up getting elected.”

He continued: “These people look like clowns. They are clowns. But it’s important to remember that clowns, while funny, are also fucking terrifying. And this week gave us another reminder that if you are not very careful you can wind up with a clown car full of them making incredibly important decisions about your life.”