John Oliver Savagely Rates Donald Trump's Lying Skills After Sharpiegate

The "Last Week Tonight" host predicted what the president might scribble after the 2020 election.

Sharpiegate hadn’t blown over for John Oliver on “Last Week Tonight” Sunday.

The host zeroed in on President Donald Trump for seemingly deploying a Sharpie to tweak the path of Hurricane Dorian on a map so it would coincide with his previous wrong claim that Alabama would be hit. (See the clip below.)

“I gotta say, for someone who lies so constantly, it’s genuinely astounding how bad he is at it,” Oliver said. “There is a non-zero chance that, if he loses every state next year, he’ll claim he’s won by standing next to a fully blue map with the word ‘RED’ written on it and Sharpie stains on his finger, saying ’How did this happen. I don’t know.’ ”