John Oliver Has A New Theory For Why Donald Trump Won The Election

Blame Oprah?

Since the election of Donald Trump, there’s been a collective desire among American liberals to blame someone for the unexpected result, especially if it’s someone other than themselves.

Well, as he is known to do, “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver just swooped in with a new theory to satiate the frustrated left: This is all Oprah’s fault.

Appearing on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Monday, Oliver jokingly claimed that Trump must have followed the message of the Oprah Winfrey-promoted book The Secret, which suggested you should dream about a desire until it comes true.

“He’s always acted like the most powerful man in the world, that’s how he carries himself,” Oliver said to Meyers. “He dons the disposition of the most powerful man in the world. Now he actually has the power to go along with that. It’s like The Secret was real and it worked for one person. And unfortunately, it was him.”

When Meyers reminded his guest that Oprah promoted that book, Oliver broke into laughter and said, “What I’m saying is, Trump is Oprah’s fault. If she just said, ‘I read this book. But you know what? It seems like bullshit. It seems like problems are a lot more systemic than this book really implies ...’”

Oliver made the statement in jest, but perhaps there is something to Oprah’s role in the Trump phenomenon. The current president appeared on the show multiple times during the talk show host’s original run. Oprah once claimed during a Trump appearance, “He is the American dream.” Trump also floated the idea that Oprah would be his running mate when he flirted with presidential candidacy in the past.

After the Oprah comments, the conversation shifted to their children. Meyers asked if Oliver envied his child for not having to deal with the rise of Trump. Oliver said he was “jealous,” but that both Meyers and Oliver had lucked out, too, since their kids were still at an age where they “didn’t need to explain anything to them.”

Unfortunately, unlike their children, you’re not off the hook from biting political explanations from these two.