John Oliver Shows Why FIFA's Sponsors Are Finally Upset With Them

FIFA won't want to lose "the thing most precious to them."

With Sepp Blatter's Saturday meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin serving as window dressing, John Oliver continued his pummeling of FIFA on HBO's "Last Week Tonight" on Sunday. 

Oliver was surprised that their meeting didn't spurn a "vortex of concentrated evil," and frankly, so are we.

Blatter, who thanked Putin on Saturday because he makes "[FIFA] happy and comfortable," is preparing to bring the 2018 World Cup to Russia, a country that has serious LGBT rights issues and whose fans have regular racism rows against soccer players.  

FIFA's involvement with Russia and Putin, along with their continued lack of independent oversight or reform, has upset major sponsors like Visa and McDonald's. 

"You know your organization is in trouble when McDonald's says it is 'not satisfied,'" Oliver quipped. 

After decades of feigning ignorance, FIFA's sponsors are fed up with all the terrible things the soccer organization does, and they're finally speaking up. Check out Oliver's full segment above to see what sponsors are saying about FIFA, and how the organization is responding to their corporate crisis of confidence. 

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