John Oliver: ‘Yes, It F**king Is’ Time To Talk About Gun Control

"Last Week Tonight" host says kids are now leading the way on this debate.

John Oliver returned to TV on Sunday night and began his show’s fifth season with a discussion of last week’s shooting spree at a Florida high school that left 17 people dead. 

Oliver said we know how it all plays out, then recapped the arguments from both sides. 

“Thoughts and prayers? Fuck your thoughts and prayers,” he said. “It’s a mental health problem. Yeah, but it’s also a gun problem. And then someone says, ‘Now’s not the time to talk about gun control’ and everyone moves on until it inevitably happens again.” 

But Oliver said this attack might be different. 

“When the ‘now’s not the time’ argument came out, the kids from that school said, ’You know what? Yes, it fucking is,” he said. 

Check it out above.