John Oliver Debuts A New NSFW Trump Slogan For ‘Fox & Friends’

The host of HBO's "Last Week Tonight" gives Trump's favorite show a new motto.

John Oliver rained on President Donald Trump’s victory party on Sunday, tearing apart his bizarre speech announcing the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Trump described the U.S. military operation in the “weirdest imaginable way,” Oliver said, then rolled footage of the president’s rambling comments.

“They did a lot of shooting and they did a lot of blasting, even not going through the front door,” Trump said. “If you’re a normal person, you say ‘knock-knock, may I come in?’”

Trump also described the soldiers entering the compound via a “beautiful big hole” to catch the terrorist mastermind by surprise.

“What are you doing?” Oliver asked. “Did Trump only just learn how soldiers work?”

The incident highlighted the efforts of America’s Kurdish allies on the ground in Syria, who Trump said provided “some information that turned out to be helpful.” Yet the president has turned his back on those same allies by pulling U.S. troops from Syria and allowing Turkey to attack the Kurds.

Trump’s biggest supporters were angry over the withdrawal, including Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who called it a “shitshow.” Even the hosts of Trump’s favorite TV show, “Fox & Friends,” turned on him over the move ― or as Oliver called them, “his cheerleaders.”

“Wow. You know things are bad for Trump when he’s even lost the support of ‘Fox & Friends,’” Oliver said, giving the show a sycophantic new slogan: