John Oliver Wants To Make You Finally Care About Gerrymandering

"Every one of us should get an equal chance to make a bad decision."

Gerrymandering might not be the most exciting topic in politics, but John Oliver pointed out during Sunday’s episode of “Last Week Tonight” that it’s one of the most important.

“Gerrymandering has become a very precise science,” Oliver said about the practice of redrawing district boundaries so one party has a better chance of winning. “Interestingly, it is one of the few remaining types of science in which the Republican Party currently believes.”

While the GOP has certainly benefitted most in recent years, Oliver noted that the Democrats have been pretty good at gerrymandering at times.

Oliver said neither party should be allowed to “dilute our votes” by redrawing district maps.

“Everyone, every one of us, should get an equal chance to make a bad decision which fucks things up for everybody else,” he said.

See his full explanation above.

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