John Oliver Slams GOP's NSA Hypocrisy: 'Guns Are One Thing But Phone Calls Are Too Dangerous To Go Unchecked' (VIDEO)

In his second night as host of "The Daily Show," John Oliver continued his "Good News! You're Not Paranoid" coverage of the NSA scandal, this time going after Republicans who approve of the government listening in on all of our personal communications.

He first took issue with John McCain's assertion that if this were September 12, 2001 no one would have a problem with the invasion of privacy. "But that's not really the point is it?" asked Oliver. "The standard for what constitutes the best decision can not be, 'What decision would we make on our most vulnerable and panicked day?'"

More importantly, Oliver brought up the fact that when it comes to privacy, Republicans seem much more concerned about not knowing what weapons Americans have. "Guns are one thing, but phone calls are too dangerous to go unchecked."

Fortunately, there's a simple solution to all of this. Since the 2nd Amendment has clearly won the Bill of Rights, we just need to start using guns for phones. Easy peasy.

Watch Oliver make the case above and then take our quick poll below.

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