John Oliver Takes On Immigration Reform In Best Way Possible

John Oliver Takes On Immigration Reform In Best Way Possible

John Oliver proves once again that if you're not watching his show, you know nothing.

In the latest episode of "Last Week Tonight," the comedian takes on the one issue that is on everyone's mind: immigration. After Eric Cantor lost his seat in Congress this past week, many news outlets reported that this meant the death of immigration reform.

While President Obama insisted that this does not meant it is the end of the line for reform, Oliver would disagree. He explains that the issue has actually been dead for quite a while but that "Congress had put a hat and sunglasses on it and propped it up hoping no one would notice," à la "Weekend at Bernie's."

The issue is personal for the British host who immigrated to the U.S. eight years ago. "I've been through the immigration process under the best possible scenario and it was still hell," Oliver comments.

Just like he did with FIFA over a week ago, John Oliver proceeds to explain exactly why the immigration issue is so controversial while taking down naysayers -- also known as Republicans in this case -- with the facts.

"Those like me and most Americans who would like some kind of immigration reform have our voices drowned out by -- and this is going to sound a little bit prejudice -- a lot of opinions unsupported by documentation," he says. "Let's call them undocumented opinions." Watch John Oliver's full segment on immigration reform above.

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