‘Cruel, Sloppy, Needless, Racist’: John Oliver Unloads On Trump In Fiery Rant

The “Last Week Tonight” host is fine with Trump making immigration a focus of the midterms because it reveals the truth about his presidency.

John Oliver tore into President Donald Trump on Sunday for fearmongering about immigration, particularly the caravan of asylum-seekers traveling on foot from Central America.

Women don’t want them in our country,” Trump claimed last week. “Women want security. Men don’t them in our country, but the women do not want them. Women want security.”

Oliver summed it up: 

“WOW! Young, strong men are invading our country and coming for our women. That is such old-timey racism, I’m genuinely amazed that image didn’t automatically turn black-and-white as he talked, like ‘Pleasantville’ in reverse.”

The “Last Week Tonight” host spent much of his show revisiting Trump’s family separations policy in light of the news that the president may try to bring it back in some way to deter the migrant caravan. Oliver said Trump’s plan to make the midterms about immigration was just fine. 

“Let’s make it about that,” Oliver said. “Family separation is perhaps the most emblematic moment of his presidency so far: It was cruel, sloppy, needless, racist and ultimately exactly what we should’ve expected.” 

See his full segment in the clip above.