John Oliver Explains How America's Neglected Infrastructure Is Like A Lego Set

If you weren't aware that U.S. roads, bridges and dams are in serious state of disrepair, allow John Oliver to put it plainly: "We aren't just flirting with disaster, we're rounding third base and asking if disaster has any condoms."

On Sunday's "Last Week Tonight," Oliver broke down the sorry state of America's neglected infrastructure, including "hold your breath" bridges, killer potholes, a severe lack of inspectors and potential floods from our half-century old dams.

"Much like most Botox recipients and competitive cloggers, the average dam is 52 years old and has something deeply broken inside of it," said Oliver.

As Oliver explains, The White House is counting on the closure of corporate tax loopholes, no one wants to raise the gas tax and House Speaker John Boehner has his own ideas about fixing the problem which involves two years of not doing anything followed by ignoring Oliver's phone calls, emails and Vines.

During a montage of politicians cutting ribbons with oversized scissors, Oliver also points out that repairing infrastructure isn't as "sexy" as building anew, and backs it up with the perfect Legos analogy.

"Infrastructure is like Legos," he said. "Building is fun, destroying is fun, but a Lego maintenance set would be the most boring fucking toy in the world."

To top it off, Oliver presents a trailer for a new kind of summer blockbuster movie, one that's more about fixing cracks and less about explosions.



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