John Oliver: Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Process Was 'Borderline Pathological'

"This entire process wasn't about principle," the "Last Week Tonight" host says about Kavanaugh's confirmation.

As the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation for the Supreme Court played out, President Donald Trump said it was a “very scary time for young men in America.” 

“Is it though?” asked John Oliver of “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday. “Is it? Because this seems like a way less scary time for young men in America than for old men in America.”

Oliver noted that there was no step in the confirmation process that had a chance of changing Republicans’ plan to get Kavanaugh on the court.

“Not Blasey Ford’s testimony, not the wildly inadequate FBI investigation, not a letter signed by 2,400 law professors saying that they oppose his appointment,” Oliver said. “Not even retired Justice [John Paul] Stephens arguing that after watching Kavanaugh’s testimony, he no longer felt that he was fit to serve on the court.”

Oliver was also highly critical of Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), whom he said: “disappoints at a rate normally associated with dinners cooked by divorced dads.”

“Collins engaged in some spectacular bad-faith bullshit because in announcing her yes vote, she waxed indignant about the dark money that she felt had corrupted this process,” Oliver said.

He agreed that there was a lot of dark money involved and that some of the ads in favor of Kavanaugh were misleading. 

“This entire process wasn’t about principle,” he said. “It was just about getting what you want, no matter how you have to do it or what damage it does to Dr. Ford, to other survivors or to our fundamental trust in the Supreme Court. It was borderline pathological.”

Check out the video above to see what Oliver had to say about the Brazilian presidential election.