'Eat S**t, Bob!' John Oliver Dares Coal Baron To Sue In Epic NSFW Dance Number

The host of "Last Week Tonight" takes to the streets with an incredibly crude number about Robert Murray.

John Oliver has declared victory against coal baron Robert Murray of Murray Energy, who sued “Last Week Tonight” for defamation. And he used an explicit and highly specific song and dance routine to get the point across.

Oliver mocked Murray in a 2017 segment in which ― among other things ― a giant squirrel named Mr. Nutterbutter told the coal baron, “Eat shit, Bob!” After nearly two years of legal battles, Murray dropped the lawsuit as his company filed for bankruptcy protection

On Sunday, Oliver essentially dared Murray to try it again, not only doubling down on his crude jokes, but raising them to a new NSFW level. Oliver wasn’t just doing a literal victory dance; he was also highlighting how the rich and powerful try to quell dissent with expensive and protracted legal battles against critics and the media.

He also urged more states ― or the federal government ― to enact protections against those lawsuits. 

Check it out below: