John Oliver's Cereal Segment Takes Detour To Trash Marvel Movies

The "Last Week Tonight" host had the superhero movie maker for breakfast.

John Oliver crunched up and spit out Marvel movies during a “Last Week Tonight” segment devoted to breakfast cereal. (Watch the video below.)

In a web exclusive posted Sunday, the host bemoaned the lack of exciting new cereals on the market. He hailed an old favorite, Reese’s Puffs, as one of the last to genuinely cause a stir.

“The point is, when was the last time cereal news penetrated the mainstream since then? I’ll tell ya ― it fucking hasn’t!” Oliver said.

He went on to praise the “one good cereal commercial” in the last decade ― a Frosted Flakes spot in which Tony the Tiger and Shaquille O’Neal debate who loves the cereal more.

“That is, start to finish, a perfect cereal commercial,” Oliver said. “In just half a minute, it establishes a world in which Tony the Tiger exists, has a handsomely decorated home office, including a custom Tony nameplate, apparently video chats Shaquille O’Neal every single morning for breakfast and that they love each other. That is a more richly detailed cinematic universe than what Marvel has made in 13 fucking years.”

Careful, John, that universe has a guy who can make half of civilization disappear in a hurry.