'A Masterpiece!' John Oliver Revels In His Favorite Moment Of The Mueller Report

The "Last Week Tonight" host offers a hilarious reenactment of a key moment described in the special counsel's report.

John Oliver said President Donald Trump was saved from criminal charges by two things described in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report: incompetence and disobedience. 

But the “Last Week Tonight” host also paused on Sunday to appreciate the moment Trump learned that a special counsel had been appointed to investigate the 2016 election and his campaign.

This is the end of my presidency,” Trump declared, according to the report. “I’m fucked.”

Oliver said: 

‘Fucked.’ He said ‘I’m fucked.’ And while we obviously don’t know whether Trump will face any repercussions from this report, I’d just like to live for a little longer in the moment of him saying, ‘This is the end of my presidency. I’m fucked.’

Then, Oliver used a little “artistic license” to set the scene, complete with fantasy images from inside the Oval Office.

“It is a masterpiece!” Oliver declared as he described the moment in glorious “Last Week Tonight” detail: 

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