John Oliver Compares National Debt To Regé-Jean Page Having Sex On 'Bridgerton'

The "Last Week Tonight" host used the star's shocking departure to explain that the trillions the U.S. owes isn't quite as dire as it seems.

As Republicans bristle against the trillions of dollars pushed by President Joe Biden to rebuild infrastructure, “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver did a deep dive on the national debt Sunday. (Watch it below.)

To explain that the staggering debt isn’t as dire as many on the right make it seem, the comedian naturally called on ― Regé-Jean Page???.

Sure, the “Bridgerton” star caused a major stir last week when the steamy costume drama announced his departure as the Duke of Hastings. But what does a hunky actor have to do with a complex economic and political issue spanning decades?

Oliver harkened back to a 2011 news segment in which reporter John Stossel punctuated the problem of Greek debt with video of riots that resulted from government austerity cutbacks. Oliver contended that “cutting to a footage of a riot can make anything seem more dire than it might actually be.” He mentioned Page’s exit and again flashed the same clip of unrest.

“Oh shit, feels pretty scary now, doesn’t it?” Oliver said. He added, however, that the “truth is more complex.”

He explained that the arc of Page’s character from the book was mostly wrapped up anyway. “Also, you can absolutely lose the duke. It’s actually perfectly in his character to start something he doesn’t finish,” Oliver cracked.

Oliver formed a small smile over his naughty jab, which refers to the duke’s practice of pulling out during sex with Daphne Bridgerton. (At least before the first-season finale.)

Someone’s been watching their Netflix, haven’t they?

Fast-forward to 14:00 for the “Bridgerton” part:

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