John Oliver Rips Into All Things Related To Olympic Doping

"Think of doping like Vladimir Putin ... It's something that adversely affects the entire world."

John Oliver had some fun at the expense of a few international athletes and the International Olympics Committee on Sunday's episode of "Last Week Tonight."

To Oliver, the Olympics is not only "your biannual reminder that NBC exists," but also the best place for "inspiration porn." Oliver also noted that even though the Olympics feature some of the greatest "displays of athletic prowess," those feats can be, and often are, overshadowed by doping allegations.

Oliver also took a few moments to point out the absurd lengths athletes go to to pass drug tests -- and then the excuses they use when their tests return positive. "Take, for instance, the European cyclists" in the Tour de France, Oliver said, "who would insert condoms of clean urine into their anus." He also brought up USA track and field athlete Dennis Mitchell, who once claimed that his increased levels of testosterone in his system were due to having sex at least four times and drinking at least five beers the night prior to his test.

"If that is what your life is like, you don't really need the Olympics," Oliver joked.

Oliver ended his roast of all things related to the Olympics by reminding his viewers that Russia, the country at the center of doping allegations for Rio 2016, is not the only country with doping scandals in the games: "So think of doping like Vladimir Putin: It's far from just a Russian problem. It's something that adversely affects the entire world."



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