John Oliver Has A Heartfelt Message For Orlando

"Right now, this just hurts."

It's hard to put our feelings into words after the horrifying mass shooting in Orlando on Sunday morning, but John Oliver did his best while starting his show later that evening.

Before the opening titles, Oliver took some time to address the attack, which left at least 50 people dead at a gay nightclub, saying, "It's still early, and details are still emerging, and right now, this just hurts."

The attack happened during Pulse nightclub's Latin Night, prompting Oliver to add, "For the record, I will happily embrace a Latin Night at a gay club in the theme park capital of the world as the ultimate symbol of what is truly wonderful about America." 

In an act to shift the focus from the shooter's brutality, Oliver decided to showcase how others are responding, showing a video of hundreds of people lining up around a block in Florida waiting to donate blood.

"It kind of reminds you that that terrorist dips**t is vastly outnumbered. And now, please enjoy our stupid show," said Oliver.

Watch his full statement in the video above.