John Oliver Has A Profanity-Filled Message For Paris Attackers

"F**k them."

John Oliver has an unequivocal message for those responsible for the terror attacks that killed more than 130 people in Paris on Friday: F**k you.

Oliver started Sunday’s episode of "Last Week Tonight" with a few words about the deadly assaults.

"There are a few things we can say for certain," Oliver said before telling the audience he was about to unleash a "moment of premium cable profanity."

"First, as of now, we know this attack was carried out by gigantic fucking arseholes, unconscionable flaming arseholes; possibly working with other fucking arseholes, definitely working in service of an ideology of pure arseholery," Oliver said. "Second, and this goes almost without saying, fuck these arseholes, fuck them -- if I may say -- sideways.”

Oliver also offered some words of support for the people impacted by the tragedy.

"Nothing about what these arseholes are trying to do is going to work. France is going to endure," he said.

Watch the clip above to see Oliver explain why.