John Oliver Destroys Savory Pie Just In Time For Thanksgiving

A hot-baked take.

John Oliver is certainly known for “destroying” topics including Donald Trump, the pharmaceutical industry and FIFA on his HBO show, “Last Week Tonight.”

Now in this exclusive clip provided to The Huffington Post, you can watch Oliver’s hot-baked takes on pies, just hours before Thanksgiving begins.

“Yes, pie — not to be confused with quiche, which is pie’s high maintenance cousin who went to finishing school and owns monogrammed flatware,” Oliver says to begin the segment.

The host goes on to claim “pies are a culinary emblem of a nation’s culture,” citing America’s apple pie as an example. He then jokes that for Germans, their emblematic pie is represented by “Germany’s signature empty crust signifying man’s natural state of existential despair.”

Before the closing of this clip, Oliver discounts savory pies entirely, stating they are not “pies at all.”

The video below is just a teaser for a longer segment on pies that you can watch only if you purchase Season 3 of “Last Week Tonight” on Google Play



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