John Oliver Exposes The Trump-Sized Hole In The ‘Bats**t Theories’ Of QAnon

The host of "Last Week Tonight" rips into the conspiracy theory that's been increasingly embraced by the right.

John Oliver took a look inside the world of QAnon, the conspiracy theory gaining attention after a Republican believer won a Congressional primary last week and was embraced by party leadership, including President Donald Trump.

“If you are lucky enough not to know about what QAnon is and are thinking ‘let me Google that,’ please don’t,” the “Last Week Tonight” host warned on Sunday, then offered his own summary:

“The conspiracy involves a range of batshit theories, but very basically many QAnon supporters believe in a global conspiracy involving a ring of Satan-worshipping, child-molesting criminals led by prominent Democrats, that includes everyone from Hillary Clinton to Tom Hanks to a Mexican cement company. They also believe information about it is being leaked via cryptic posts on the internet by someone with very high ‘Q-level’ security clearance, which sounds just as made-up as it definitely is.”

But Oliver said there’s a big flaw in that theory.

“The main person who’s working to root out the satanist pedophiles is Donald Trump, which is a little weird because... you know,” he said, gesturing to a photo of Trump with Jeffrey Epstein, the child sexual predator who killed himself in jail last year:

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