John Oliver Skewers Roger Goodell, Says NFL Commish Has Lost Moral High Ground To TMZ

Domestic abuse in the NFL is no laughing matter. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's laughably deficient press conference addressing the issue, however -- well, it was so inconclusive John Oliver couldn't help but offer his perspective.

The comedian devoted a couple minutes Sunday during his show "Last Week Tonight" to critique Goodell's hollow press conference, given in the wake of the Ray Rice scandal. Halfway through, Oliver got in a good quip about celebrity gossip site TMZ:

"You know that things are not going well when you lose the moral high ground to a TMZ reporter, a man whose employer ran a story this week titled, 'Nicki Minaj Bamboobles Her Ass Critics,'" he said.

TMZ's investigation into Rice turned up a shocking video that showed the Baltimore Ravens running back knocking out his now-wife in a casino elevator. Before the footage was made available on TMZ, the NFL had suspended Rice for a mere two games, even though team officials were told the details of the assault. The player has since been indefinitely suspended amid heightened calls for broader action against domestic abuse from the NFL.

WATCH Oliver skewer Roger Goodell, above.



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