Have Something Awful To Say? Scream Into The Void With John Oliver

New website gives you the catharsis of writing hurtful things without actually hurting anyone.

An upcoming app called Peeple will allegedly allow users to rate everyone they know -- sort of like a Yelp for reviewing human beings. Its founders say they want to "spread love and positivity."

That claim has "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver wondering if they've ever been on the Internet.

"The Internet is a faucet that dispenses hate, racism and the occasional sad orgasm," Oliver said on Sunday night's show.

"The Internet essentially exists so people can say vicious things about each other," Oliver said. "We don't need another app to facilitate that. What we need is something which helps stop people from getting hurt."

So Oliver and his team launched a website called Scream Into The Void, which allows people to write hateful things without consequences.

"You simply type whatever awful thing you're thinking, hit the button at the bottom of the page and the message will be deleted forever," Oliver said. "It's brilliant."

Unlike the Peeple app, which may be a hoax, the Void is here now... and it's waiting for your screams. If you've got some awful thoughts to share, you can Scream Into The Void right here.

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