John Oliver Shreds Sean Hannity For 'S**ttiest Conspiracy Theory Ever'

"Last Week Tonight" host tears into Fox News over its "witch hunt" cries.

John Oliver on Sunday night tore into Fox News hosts for defending President Donald Trump at all costs and working to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller by dismissing his investigation as a “witch hunt.”  

The “Last Week Tonight” host saved some of his sharpest barbs for Sean Hannity, at one point congratulating him for creating “the shittiest conspiracy theory ever.”

Oliver also played a clip of Hannity boasting about his unwillingness to be swayed by new evidence.

“And by the way, if the media, if you have more proof that this is not a witch hunt, OK, I don’t believe you,” Hannity said. 

That left Oliver stunned. 

“Wow, think about that: Give me facts, and even if you do, I won’t believe them,” Oliver said. “He’s basically bragging that he’s proof-proof, which is a superpower that no one should want to have.” 

See the full segment above.