John Oliver Learns That State Legislatures Are The Shadow Governments You've Always Feared


While most of the focus of Tuesday's midterm election is on control of the U.S. Senate, John Oliver is looking at the places where most laws are really made these days. And it's not in gridlocked Washington -- it's in the state legislature.

As Oliver learned on "Last Week Tonight" on Sunday, no one is really paying much attention to state legislatures despite the fact that they're regularly passing laws on abortion, the environment, guns and more.

"All those conspiracy theories about a shadow government are actually true," Oliver said. "Only, it's not a group of billionaires meeting in a mountain lair in Zurich. It's a bunch of pasty bureaucrats meeting in a windowless committee room in Lansing, Michigan."

Check out the clip above, and you just might start paying more attention to your own local lawmakers.

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