John Oliver Exposes The Right-Wing Media Empire Taking Over Your Local News

The merger would give this company 2.2 million evening news viewers.

Local news might be getting a lot less local.

As John Oliver pointed out on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” the conservative Sinclair Broadcast Group is in the process of buying Tribune Media, a move that would give it more than 200 stations.

He said the combined evening news viewership once the deal is complete would average 2.2 million people per night.

It’s more than any current primetime show on Fox News including ‘Five Idiots Have The Most Intolerable Dinner Party Ever’ and ‘That Guy From College Everyone Hated Has A Talk Show Now ― With Tucker Carlson,’” he said.

But what’s more alarming, Oliver said, is Sinclair’s tendency to saddle its stations with right-wing “must-run” content, including segments from a former adviser to President Donald Trump.

See his full explanation of this deal ― and what it means for viewers ― in the clip above.

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