John Oliver Slams Alex Jones For The Shady Way He Funds His Show

The HBO host then put the conspiracy theorist's strategy to the test.

Alex Jones peddles more than bogus conspiracies on his radio show and website

On Sunday’s broadcast of “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver explained how the conspiracy theorist ― who has ties to President Donald Trump ― spends a considerable amount of time on the air promoting a range of products. Jones tells viewers that he sells these items to help fund his program.

“At the start of this piece, I promised Alex Jones that I would put his statements in context, because he is right, that if you play small clips in isolation he looks like a loon,” Oliver said. “But if you play them in context, he looks like a skilled salesman spending hours a day frightening you about problems like ‘refugees spreading disease’ and then selling you an answer.”

To drive home his point, Oliver put Jones’ funding strategy to the test.

Take a look in the video above.

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