John Oliver: "Stop Letting Old People Serve In The Senate" (VIDEO)

The "Daily Show" took on John McCain's opposition to gays and lesbians in the military last night, turning the tables and mocking his age in the process.

John Oliver excused McCain for his hypocritical stance, saying, "I think he may have forgotten what he said three and a half years ago...Old people are prone to memory lapses."

Putting it bluntly, he proposed a solution that would keep inconsistencies like that from happening: "I think it's time we stop letting old people serve in the Senate."

Echoing the views of those who believe gays should not be allowed to serve, Oliver pointed out the affect of the elderly on Senate cohesion:

"These Senators work long days in close quarters. It's not fair to the other Senators trying to work on legislation, never knowing if one of the 'olds' is gonna come up behind them and offer them a hard candy...These people can't control themselves. "

Jon Stewart then countered, suggesting that old people should be allowed to serve, as long as they don't do it openly. Oliver fired right back: "Face it. You'd still know they were old. The first time you sat down for a meal with them and wound up spattered with a mist of cottage cheese and nostalgia, it'd all be over."