John Oliver Takes Us Into The Often Unseen World Of Corporate Consolidation

"F**k you, AT&T. Even if you take over, you'll never be my real dad!"

On Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver tackled the iceberg-like phenomenon of corporate consolidation.

We all see the behemoth conglomerated companies like Alphabet and Facebook floating in plain view, but most don’t know about the many other gigantic corporate entities ― or the “smaller” companies they own ― that exist below the surface.

Lawmakers want us to believe that small businesses are “the backbone of the U.S. economy.” But according to Oliver, small businesses have been steadily declining since the 1970s.

And not only are many of the critical services we count on controlled by fewer and fewer companies, “Last Week Tonight” shows that it’s becoming easier for these big businesses to merge and grow even larger.

Watch the full video above. 



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