John Oliver Goes On Trinidad TV To Urge Jack Warner To Rat On FIFA, As He Promised

Comedian John Oliver will go far to keep up his FIFA offensive. Even as far as the airwaves of Trinidad and Tobago.

The "Last Week Tonight" host purchased time on Trinidad TV Tuesday to urge the indicted former FIFA vice president, Jack Warner, to keep a promise and spill the beans about the organization.

Warner took to the same channel, TV6, last week to declare he had an "avalanche" of damning information about FIFA's corruption following his arrest along with several other FIFA officials on bribery and fraud charges. Warner was taken into custody and subsequently released on bail in his native Trinidad and Tobago.

Oliver did his comic best to persuade Warner to cough up the goods.

"Here's my argument: Why the hell not?" Oliver said in his segment, "The Mittens of Disapproval Are On." (Warner's was called "The Gloves Are Off.") "It's not like you're not potentially in a lot of trouble."

Oliver urged the disgraced soccer bigwig to turn on FIFA because he shouldn't underestimate "how much people might be willing to forgive."

And if that didn't inspire Warner, Oliver offered this motivation: "It's like they say, snitches get smooches ... So please release the documents, Mr. Warner, and you may yet salvage your completely tattered reputation."

Oliver has been a passionate critic of FIFA, recently using his TV show to urge sponsors to pull their support for FIFA and force Sepp Blatter to resign. While Blatter did announce he was stepping down, it wasn't clear whether sponsors had impacted his decision.



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