John Oliver Says Forget Trump: ‘We’re Going To Be A Little Bit On Our Own Here’

The "Last Week Tonight" host said there will be time to be "utterly furious" with the president later. For now, we need to act.

John Oliver blasted President Donald Trump for failing to give Americans accurate information about the rapid spread of the coronavirus across the nation.

“Try your best to tune out and not pass on misinformation in the coming weeks from sources like, sadly, the president,” Oliver said. “And instead pay attention to trustworthy information from the CDC, experts like Anthony Fauci, and of course TikTok hamsters. Always, TikTok hamsters.”

Oliver was referring to this little hamster, which he said managed to convey better information in 12 seconds than Trump has in weeks:

Oliver spent much of the show calling out Trump and his administration’s slow and confusing response to the outbreak. But he also urged viewers to forget all about the president for just a moment because there was a bigger issue to focus on.

“Don’t worry,” Oliver said. “There is going to be ample time to be utterly furious with him later. But the fact is, even though this should not be the case, it seems we’re going to be a little bit on our own here.”

Oliver then tore into some of Trump’s favorite news sources ― including Fox News and Rush Limbaugh ― for spreading misinformation and offered up some good advice of his own:

Oliver described Sunday night’s episode as “weird,” as he taped it with no audience and in a makeshift studio because COVID-19 cases had been discovered in the building where he normally records his show.

He also said it would be the last episode for some time. Like most other late shows, “Last Week Tonight” will remain on hiatus until the outbreak is under control.

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