John Oliver Mocks Saddest Thing About Trump's Tulsa Rally Attendance

The "Last Week Tonight" host pointed out a new low in Trump's presidency.

Welp. At least everyone at President Donald Trump’s rally had plenty of chances to socially distance.

To start his show Sunday night, John Oliver decided to address the elephant in the room — or rather that there was no one in the room for Trump’s rally on Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Trump was reportedly stunned by an underwhelming turnout of only 6,200 people for the highly publicized event.

“There’s absolutely no one in the room with me right now, although interestingly that’s still somehow only slightly fewer people than were at president Trump’s Oklahoma rally last night, which was half empty despite his campaign claiming a million people had requested tickets.” Oliver said.

The “Last Week Tonight” host mocked the campaign for building an outdoor stage for a planned but scrapped second speech, before he joked about a hilarious outcome of the underwhelming turnout: Trump getting trolled by Pink.

In response to the Tulsa rally attendance, the musician tweeted, “I think I sold that same place out in five minutes #donkeyshow.”

“It’s never a great sign when as president you’re getting dunked on by Pink,” Oliver said.

Later in the show, the comedian turned his attention to the “death cruise ships” that are jails and prisons in the time of COVID-19. The five largest known clusters of the coronavirus are in correctional institutions, according to The New York Times.

“Realistically we need to be getting as many people out of prisons and jails as possible, which is frankly something we should be doing anyway, but right now we really don’t have much of a choice,” Oliver said, pointing out that emptier jails means more chance for people to socially distance and a lower demand for scarce PPE.

“If this horrific year has taught us one thing, it’s that we are all on this death cruise ship together,” the comedian concluded.

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