John Oliver Reignites Feud With Tucker Carlson With Scathing New Insult

The host of "Last Week Tonight" used the Fox News host to make an important point about bail reform.

John Oliver returned to a familiar target on Sunday night: Fox News host and conspiracy theorist Tucker Carlson.

Oliver played a clip of the prime time TV personality engaging in fearmongering over crime during a segment on bail reform. A guest claimed ― falsely ― that bail reform in New York was powering a surge in crime.

“It seems so clear that it is,” Carlson agreed.

“Wow,” Oliver fired back, then referring to Carlson’s constantly puzzled facial expression. “I’m honestly surprised anything seems clear to a man with resting concussion face. He honestly looks like he’s studying a full-body mirror desperately trying to find his penis.”

Oliver has gone after Carlson plenty over the years, dismissing the right-wing host as a “total fucking moron” for having an on-air meltdown over “Sesame Street” in 2020 and last year calling him a “superspreader” for his anti-vaccine talking points.

But the crux of Oliver’s show on Sunday night wasn’t Carlson or Fox News. It was a much bigger issue: cash bail.

“Cash bail is arbitrary, destructive and basically criminalizes poverty,” he said, pointing out that the practice keeps poor people in jail for long periods of time without a trial.

See his full segment below, which includes some basic steps that could improve the situation dramatically:

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