John Oliver Applauds Wendy Davis Filibuster, Slams Texas Republicans For 'One Of The Shadiest Moves Of All Time' (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, after first celebrating the demise of DOMA, John Oliver then took some time to applaud the epic filibuster of Texas Senator Wendy Davis. Oliver explained, "I don't know if you watched our show last night. If you did, big mistake. You should not have done that. Why? Because you missed something incredible happening in the Texas State Senate."

After taking us through the superhuman feat that was Davis' effort – and suggesting that a sneaker endorsement might be in her future – Oliver took some swipes at Texas Republicans who tried to push the vote through anyway despite running out of time. Calling their attempt to subvert the rules "one of the shadiest moves of all time," Oliver at least credited the opposition's with being consistent.

"They simply believe that if late one night when you're swept away by your emotions you make a stupid mistake, you should always have a chance to fix it later and not have to live with the consequences."

Watch the clip above and then check out Kristen Schaal's effort to keep the fight going below.



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