John Paul II Moves Closer To First Step Toward Sainthood

It's looking increasingly likely that Pope Benedict XVI will soon move his predecessor one step closer to sainthood by confirming the existence of a miracle which can be attributed to John Paul II.

Italian media have reported that the Vatican has completed their investigation into the case of a French nun who was stricken with Parkinson's disease. After praying to the late pontiff, she was entirely cured.

In order to beatify John Paul II, Benedict must officially sign off on the miraculous nature of the case. His announcement is expected as soon as Friday.

The AP's Nicole Winfield reports:

Benedict put John Paul on the fast track to possible sainthood just weeks after he died in 2005, responding to the chants of "Santo Subito!" or "Sainthood immediately!" that erupted during his funeral Mass.

Benedict waived the typical five-year waiting period before the process could begin, but he insisted that the investigation into John Paul's life be thorough so as to not leave any doubts about his virtues.

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