John Pike Memes Go Viral: Pepper-Spraying UC Davis Cop Becomes Internet Sensation (PHOTOS)

Attack Of The Pepper-Spraying Memes

Oh, John Pike.

When UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike casually and ruthlessly sprayed an entire can of pepper spray onto a line of peaceful Occupy protesters, a firestorm of retribution began. He was quickly suspended, UC President Mark Yudof claimed he was "appalled" by the incident and an investigation was launched immediately. But the worst has only just begun.

Lieutenant Pike, welcome to your total destruction on the Internet. Bring on the memes.

Thanks to tech-savvy satirists, Pike-pepperd gifs are already sprayed across the Internet. Googlers can find his phone number with one search. And like BP and Nick Nolte before him, Lt. Pike has now inspired a fake Twitter account titled the Pepper Spraying Cop. ("I thought it was Silly String. Swear to God.")

But our favorite homage is the rapidly increasing collection of Pike-themed memes. Guernica Pike? Check. Baby seal pup-spraying Pike? Got it. Team Jacob Pike? Immortality is thine.

Prepare yourself, Lt. Pike. Though protesters sometimes grow weary, the Internet really never does forget.

Check out a few of our favorite pepper spraying memes in the slideshow below.


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