President's Korner: The John Quincy Adams Nude Bathing Story

President's Korner: The Nude Bathing Story

In honor of the presidential election (which is apparently happening soon?), HuffPost College is introducing a recurring series called "President's Korner," in which we talk about odd things past presidents did while in office. Because, why not? The more you know.

This edition of President's Korner: John Quincy Adams: The Nude Bathing Story.

Aside from being born the son of a president and later dying on the floor of Congress, what truly distinguished President John Quincy Adams was his love of skinny-dipping.

Adams was reported to love nude bathing so much he would swim at 5 a.m. in the Potomac River every day to deal with the stress of being president, according to Anne Royall, the first female journalist to ever score an interview with a president, discovered Adams bathing and hid his clothing until he agreed to talk to her, according to the Harvard Square Library. A corrupt bargain indeed!

Another fun fact about John Q? He was a horrible dresser and once wore the same hat for 10 years. He also kept an alligator as a pet.

That's all for President's Korner! See you next time.

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