John Ready, Kansas Student, Fights To Pay Parking Fine In Pennies

When University of Kansas student John Ready was slapped with a $10 parking violation, he decided to suck up his pride and pay the fine.

In pennies.

According to the Daily Kansan, Ready was turned away by the school's parking and transit office when he showed up wielding a bag of 1,000 copper coins. So the Kansas senior did what he's well-equipped to do: he hit the stacks to find out his rights.

Ready scoured library books and searched through government websites, including the U.S. Treasury's, where he discovered that he had the legal right to pay his debt in coins, even in pennies.

Ready emailed Donna Hultine, director of KU Parking and Transit, to discuss his findings.

"He is definitely a very persistent person," Hultine said. "I can't imagine that other students would want to pay in pennies, though. They'd need to consider how much time they want to spend on counting them out."

Ready told the Kansan that he protested in part to "be an asshole," but the dust-up was still "really funny."

Mischievousness aside, Ready's attempt at speaking truth to power ended up changing the department's policy: they now accept fee payments in coins. Change we can believe in, indeed.