John Stamos Says He 'Drank A Bottle Of Wine' After DUI In 2015 To ‘Forget What Happened’

The “Full House” alum says he “kept drinking” to drown his woes from the "disappointing" incident.

John Stamos is looking back on a troubling time in his life.

Speaking to People, the “Full House” star, 60, opened up about the aftermath of his DUI arrest in 2015 that pushed him to eventually get sober.

“When I did get the DUI… I came home from the hospital that night, I sat down, I drank a bottle of wine just to forget what just happened,” he told People magazine in a story published Wednesday. “And I never sobered up.”

In an interview with radio host Howard Stern in 2016, he called the incident “really stupid” and “ignorant.”

Stamos, who was due to star in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” at the time, recalled having to travel to Canada right after the impaired-driving arrest to start filming the comedy-romance.

But the actor says he continued his drinking habits on set to escape from facing his actions.

“When you sober up, you have to look at the ugly truth, so you keep drinking,” the actor said after admitting that he regularly kicked back drinks on set. “So I was kind of just loosely buzzed through the shooting of that movie.”

While recently appearing on Mayim Bialik’s Bialik Breakdown” podcast, the “You” actor admitted that filming the “Greek Wedding” movie is all a blur because he was so “liquored up.”

“It was [the] bottom,” Stamos said. “But I didn’t get it, and I just numbed myself for a few weeks after that. And when I came home, my sisters were like, ‘OK, it’s time to go, we found this place.’ And I’m like, ‘OK, I’m ready.’”

Stamos was sentenced to three years of probation for driving under the influence. He was also ordered to undergo a three-month alcohol abuse program, attend 52 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and receive two hours of addiction counseling, NBC News reported.

“I hated it. I hated the way I felt, hated disappointing people, hated myself, hated looking in the mirror going, ‘This is not who my parents raised. What am I doing? Who is this idiot?’ I would be so embarrassed,” Stamos told Bialik. The actor detailed his alcohol addiction and recovery in his new memoir, “If You Would Have Told Me.”

He added: “I had everything growing up. I had a beautiful childhood. I had no excuse to fuck my life up.... And I did, and it made me sick.”

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